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Paint with us

Painting evenings are held through July, August and September.

Join us in the garden and decide whether to follow the group while painting the chosen motif, or to simply follow your own artistic idea and ask for a guidance, if needed.

We start at 5:00 PM and end around 7:30 PM (*time can vary depending on daylight, please double check the schedule)

If you decide to follow the group please don’t be late so we can start on time :)

Professional guidance

Throughout the painting event there is a professional artist at your disposal

Follow the step-by-step painting process or just follow your imagination :)

You can choose to follow a step-by-step painting process of a chosen motif, or to paint your own motif, and ask for a guidance, if needed


Classes can be held in Croatian, English or Italian

Make your own souvenir

You'll be provided with all the material needed and a canvas that you take along at the end of the class 

Paint and sip local wine

While painting, we will be happy to offer you local red wine Plavac Mali, or the white one - Vugava. Soft drinks available on request

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